US Binary Option Brokers

As most traders all well aware, there is virtually no country in the world that a citizen can’t trade binary options if they have an internet connection. It is part of the reason why binary options trading has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. It is a trading forum that really lets a lot of people enter the market that otherwise would not have had access to it. With that being said, it must also be noted that not every binary options investor can trade with any broker they want because certain brokers can only have customers from specific countries. One of the countries that is the hardest for brokers to comply with their regulations and be allowed for their citizens to trade on them is the USA.

Why is the USA a hard for brokers to get approval so USA citizens can trade on them?

The events of 9/11 changed a lot of ways that America does things and many of those affected banking practices in the country. A lot of binary options brokers find it hard satisfy the banking requirements of such places like the USA and the European Union so they tend to specialize in one or the other in order to serve their investors better. A lot of times the same great sites that service the European Union and elsewhere in the world will have an equally as well run sister site that services traders from the USA. New brokers are constantly joining the binary options marketplace and servicing different parts of the world.

In the USA the binary options regulating body is the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. It is the one that any broker that wants to have US based customers’ needs to go through. The US regulations on binary options trading do tend to be stricter than elsewhere and this limits the way they are traded somewhat but many successful binary options traders are based in the USA.

Brokers that can be Traded by USA Citizens

There are still many great brokers that can be traded on by citizens of the USA. Here are a few examples of the better one’s:

1: GOptions      minimum trade =  $10         minimum deposit = $200

2: Porter Finance      minimum trade =  $10         minimum deposit = $200

3: CherryTrade     minimum trade =  $5         minimum deposit = $200

4: Markets: Licensed Binary Broker     minimum trade =  $1         minimum deposit = $20

The nice thing with the USA approved brokers is that they have many of the same features as can be found on binary options brokers elsewhere in the world too. The accounts are easy to sign up for and the minimum deposits are very reasonable. Banking transactions tend to be uncomplicated with them and they try to get traders their withdrawals as quickly as possible too. The strict USA regulations all make these some of the fairest run and most trusted binary options brokers in the world. These brokers have it made it possible for USA traders to enjoy the benefits of investing in binary options just like any other country in the world.